Career Development

Are you looking for new opportunities to advance your career, so that you can make the most of your talents, realize your personal goals, and have a significant impact?

The Henniges Automotive culture is built upon the strong talents and expertise of our associates and has created a system that recognizes and develops talented individuals to ensure the company's long term success.

Henniges Leaders support the practices that invest in people through the  emerging talent program, identification of key talent and the development of associates through customized individual development plans.  These programs strive to balance the aspirations of our associates along with the strategic direction of Henniges Automotive. 

Emerging Leadership

An example of Henniges Automotive’s commitment to development is the Emerging Talent Program.  Consistent high performers who have the potential and aspirations for future leadership roles may be nominated for a 12-month program, that includes training, mentoring and a strategic project that encourages networking and collaboration with other high potential team members.

Succession Planning

A Succession Planning session is conducted annually by the company Executive Team to review leadership and key positions in the organization.  This process is robust and ensures that the company will transition smoothly should openings occur in these critical areas.  All identified successors have an individualized development plan that ensures adequate exposure to on-the-job experiences and formal training to prepare associates for future roles within the organization.  Associates may participate in the company’s educational assistance program to pursue degreed and certification programs.

Benefits and Compensation

Henniges Automotive offers benefit programs and services developed to meet the needs of our associates and their families.  Our benefit programs are designed to maintain good health and well-being and allow associates to plan for their retirement needs.

The compensation program is designed to compete for high level talent when filling a position from the outside of the organization and retain talented associates within.  Ensuring that our compensation is competitive is critical to sustaining a performance driven culture.  Every associate contributes to the success of the company and their personal development.


One of the values at the forefront of Henniges Automotive’s culture is to recognize and reward associates who provide consistent and sustainable performance, exceptional results and other notable contributions to the company and/or customer.  Our Recognition Programs provide a meaningful way to highlight outstanding achievement and to recognize longevity through quarterly recognition awards, service awards and spot bonus awards. We are proud of our innovative, creative and talented workforce and we want to be sure they are always aware of their value.


Career Opportunities

Project Manager-Project Manager

Gomez Palacio - Durango (Mexico)

Elektroúdržbář (Electrician)

Hranice (Czech Republic)

Technolog (Senior Process Engineer )

Hranice (Czech Republic)

Leiter Logistik

Rehburg-Loccum (Germany)

AQP Engineer

Auburn Hills - Michigan (USA)

ERP Business Analyst

Auburn Hills - Michigan (USA)

Product overview

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