At Henniges our culture strives for every associate to contribute to the success of the company and their own personal development. We do this by strengthening the well being of one another, society and the environment.

Friends of the River Rouge


What is the Rouge Education Project?

The Rouge Education Project (REP) is a multidisciplinary, school-based initiative to raise young people's awareness of pollution in the Rouge River and encourage them to take action to restore and protect the river. The projects focus is the study of the Rouge River; its history, current issues, how to monitor its health, how to restore it, and how to become its steward. As a water quality monitoring and watershed education project, the REP engages students interest, concern and commitment through real-world education. The project also builds school-community-university partnerships through corporate sponsors, corporate volunteers, and university students who assist teachers participating in the REP. The project is coordinated by Friends of the Rouge.

Volunteers from Henniges Automotive participated in the Rouge Education project at Tonda Elementary School in Canton, MI on May 2nd 2012.



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