We have the ability to internally develop and produce a wide variety of proprietary material formulations at our three mixing centers located around the globe. 

North America

This region is served by our Mixing Center in Keokuk, Iowa.   This is a state of the art facility having two 250L intermeshing rotor mixing lines dedicated to the mixing of EPDM.  Features of these lines include:

  • Latest design intermeshing rotor internal mixers which has been proven to be optimal for mixing EPDM compounds
  • Fully automated mixer control for batch to batch consistency
  • Automatic weighing and delivery of fillers and oils
  • A flexible multi-mill downstream system to maximize efficiency on both single pass and two pass mixing
  • Cold room storage prior to delivery

The mixing unit is also supported by real time testing in a dedicated control laboratory.

In addition to mixing EPDM our Keokuk, Iowa mixing center has a twin screw mixer for TPE with a unique material feed arrangement taking advantage of its location as part of an EPDM mixing facility.

We have also developed a relationship with a custom mixer who is able to successfully reproduce our in-house formulations both as an insurance of continuity of supply and as a source of compounds for our manufacturing plants in Mexico.


In Europe we have a tandem mixing unit located in Rehburg.  This utilizes a pair of Intermeshing rotor mixers running in sequence to achieve similar efficiencies on two pass mixing to those achieved by the multi-mill unit in North America.  Mixer controls and material delivery are similarly state of the art as is the laboratory facility. 

We also have a relationship with the same custom mixer for additional capacity.


In China we have an intermeshing rotor mixer located in Beijing which mixes first pass only.  A better solution to the logistics in China is to have a second pass mixing unit in each of the extrusion plants.  This avoids potential problems associated with long transportation distances and times.  In Beijing this second pass unit consists of a low intensity internal mixer with associated mills, elsewhere we use mill units.

We have a relationship with a custom mixer for first pass only


Product overview

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