The combination of the internal tool and die shops, a mold shop, our experienced staff, and the right machines allow us to limit the use of outside vendors.  As a result, we are able to be cost competitive as well as maintain a high degree of excellence and mold expertise.

Extrusion Tooling

Each of our manufacturing facilities has an on-site tool and die shop capable of designing and developing both supported and unsupported extrusion dies. These local tool and die shops provide us with the flexibility and agility to design, develop, and manufacture all extrusion dies and to change and modify parts to meet customer requests very quickly. 

Mold Tooling

In 2011 Henniges added an internal Mold shop to the tool and die shop at our Reidsville, North Carolina manufacturing plan.  In addition to our qualified and well trained employees this shop has both CNC and WEDM machines that allows us to build and modify prototype and production molds.


Product overview

Henniges Automotive provides world class vehicle sealing and anti-vibration solutions.  Select the "more info" link below to learn more about our products.