A Relationship Committed to Your Success

To us, it all comes down to customer satisfaction—and customer success.

We truly partner with our customers and design for their individual requirements. Our approach has earned us long-standing relationships with blue-chip OEM customers—as well as smaller, innovative and technology-driven OEMs—who seek us out to solve the weight of today’s radically changing automotive industry.

Innovation that Provides You with an Advantage.

We’re agile, creative problem solvers.

We challenge ourselves to innovate both products and processes to provide best-in-class results. We have the flexibility to adjust quickly and effectively when the unexpected happens.

That’s why our customers count on us.

Quality Products Recognized by the Industry

Henniges’ product lines are critical to the ride, feel and performance within the automotive industry.

Vehicles equipped with our highly engineered products continuously outperform our competitors based on warranty rates and customer feedback.

Through our innovation systems, Henniges is driving superior solutions to meet the growing market demands. Henniges Automotive’s vertically integrated platform, provides the company with a unique capability to efficiently produce premium, large-volume products with consistent quality across the globe.

Strategic Global Expansion Supports Your Needs

We continue to expand our global presence, with manufacturing, technical offices, sales offices and alliances across North America, Europe and Asia.

We meet the global manufacturing and technical support needs of our domestic and international customers.

The Go-To-Supplier to Get It Right

Our goal is to help you succeed through global manufacturing excellence and product innovation. Henniges is ready to be your partner, your collaborator.

2023 EcoVadis Sustainability Rating Award


For the second year in a row, Henniges has received a Bronze Medal on the EcoVadis score card. EcoVadis is a globally recognized assessment platform that rates businesses’ sustainability based on four key categories: environmental impact, labor and human rights standards, ethics, and procurement practices. These evidence-based assessments are refined into easy-to-read scorecards, providing zero to one hundred (0-100) scores, and medals (bronze, silver, gold), when applicable. Additionally, the scorecards provide guidance on strengths and improvement areas, which the rated companies may use to focus their sustainability efforts and develop corrective action plans to improve their sustainability performance.

In just our second year of completing the EcoVadis assessment, Henniges went from the 52nd percentile to the 67th percentile. Multiple employees across Henniges spent months gathering data, writing policies and implementing new procedures to improve our overall sustainability efforts, and while we are excited about our progress, we are focused on the work ahead and continuing to improve sustainability within Henniges. Part of this will include Awareness Training on Sustainability. This training is almost completed and will be rolled out in the first half of 2024.


  • Deepak Manchanda
  • Deepak Manchanda
    Vice President, Global Sales and Europe

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  • Jennifer VanHorn
    Vice President, Global Human Resources

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  • Fred Jamieson
    Vice President Global Engineering & Program Management

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  • Ramakrishna Maddipati
    Vice President of Global Manufacturing

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  • Mike Ostrander - Global VP Purchasing
  • Mike Ostrander
    Global Vice President of Purchasing

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