Sexy Production: Henniges Automotive Believes Manufacturing Should be a Competitive Advantage

The following excerpt is from an article originally published in Manufacturing Today

With commodity production often going offshore, the United States becomes more in danger of losing its manufacturing capability. But some domestic manufacturers are combining automation with highly trained employees to provide solutions that – if not sexy – are at least attractive.

“The younger folks coming up don’t view going into a plant as something sexy or interesting to do,” Henniges Automotive CEO Rob DePierre laments. “As a company, we’re trying to change that, but as a country, we have to get back to our roots.”

DePierre says manufacturing companies have the majority of their human and capital resources invested in their production efforts.

“To not take a greater interest in how manufacturing excellence can give you a competitive advantage is disappointing at times,” he says. “I don’t want to be negative – only to call for those of us who are running manufacturing companies to do our part and take responsibility to bring manufacturing back as a sexy and cool thing to do and develop the talent right along with it.”

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