Henniges Automotive and Indian Supplier, Amee Rubber Industries Pvt. Ltd. Form Strategic Alliance

AUBURN HILLS, Mich., — Henniges Automotive Holdings, Inc., a leading supplier of highly engineered sealing and anti-vibration systems for the global automotive market, today announced it has formed a strategic alliance with Amee Rubber Industries Pvt. Ltd., a producer of sealing systems & molded rubber parts for automobiles throughout India.

This agreement with Amee enables Henniges Automotive to further support its original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers in India through the design, development and execution of dynamic sealing solutions for the automotive industry. With extensive expertise in sealing system solutions, Henniges develops a wide range of high-quality weather strips and seals to prevent water, air and dust from entering the vehicle and its critical spaces.

«For more than 100 years, we’ve kept vehicles quiet and dry. This alliance allows us to bring our longstanding expertise to customers in new markets and further expand our strong global footprint. By growing and establishing agreements in regions such as India, we can better support and drive results for customer programs with the sealing and anti-vibration solutions they need,» said Boris Gavric, Henniges vice president of global sales and marketing. «Amee Rubber has extensive experience working with OEMs in the Indian market, and we are excited to work with and grow alongside our OEM customers and local domestic OEMs.»

With headquarters in Mumbai, India, and a plant in Vapi, Gujarat, India, Amee Rubber supplies to original equipment manufacturers Force Motors Ltd., Mahindra Rise Ltd and Tata Motors Group. The company uses its technical know-how to blend and mix raw materials and chemicals through extrusion and vulcanization processes, helping to create more than 3,000 products. The company also has a strong presence in the international markets in the Gulf, Sri Lanka and countries throughout Africa. Amee plans to set up a state of the art manufacturing facility to cater to the growing demands in the Indian and Asian market. Vishal Miglani, President of Amee Industries said,» Partnership with Henniges will help the Indian Automotive Industry to get world class products and establish a leadership in the Indian market over the next five years.»

«Since 1980, we’ve provided sealing systems & molded rubber parts for automobiles and we continue to offer a wide range of sealing systems for all types of architectural building profiles,» said Vishal Miglani, Amee Rubber managing director. «With a new partner in Henniges Automotive, we’re able to leverage its experience and provide advanced and complex products to satisfy customers. Globalization today makes every OEM offer a global program, partnering with Henniges, we would be able to provide advanced and future technology to achieve their global presence.»

About Amee Rubber

AMEE RUBBER offers a wide range of services right from compounding to tool designing and R&D to manufacturing of products all under one roof. We focus on professional know-how and advanced technology which is regularly up-graded with a single focus in achieving full Customer satisfaction.

About Henniges Automotive

Henniges provides automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with sealing systems for doors, windows, trunks, lift gates, sunroofs and hoods. The company also supplies the automotive market with anti-vibration products, encapsulated glass, and other rubber components. Henniges sells to all major Automotive OEM customers and operates facilities in North America, Europe, and China. The company has 6,500 employees worldwide.